Speechless (16/141)

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In the sitting room of Justin’s private suite, they divested one another of clothing. Justin draped Nikola’s over the antique furniture with a modicum of care, so that it would not be unduly wrinkled when the young man had to put it back on to leave. The fate of his own he did not note, his attention focused on Nikola, mouth and hands mapping anew the planes and lines of his body, so familiar and yet treasured all the more for the long absence. Fully undressed but only halfway through the room, an impatient Justin hoisted his lover’s nude body and carried him to the bedroom, turning up the gaslit chandelier as they entered.

He threw back the maroon velvet blankets with one awkward arm before laying a laughing Nikola upon the sheets. Justin meant to take a moment to admire the image, but Nikola seized him and pulled Justin down on top. The pale-skinned man twined a leg over Justin’s, wrapping both arms around the other man as if hungry for the touch of skin against skin. Justin wondered what it must be like for Nikola, to have a touch that felt so much more than an ordinary man’s, and for that very reason to have society deny him that contact except by necessity. Drink your fill now, my love, when none will judge you, Justin thought, propping himself on his elbows and arching his back into Nikola’s hands. Saints, but it was good to be alone with him in the night, no guests or servants to perform for, no fear of condemnation. Justin ached with desire, but at the same time he wanted to savor this stolen hour, not rush to a hurried conclusion.

Nikola unraveled the braid in Justin’s hair, running his fingers unimpeded through silky black strands. Justin tossed his head to drape it over one side, then shifted to sweep the waterfall of hair in a caress over Nikola’s chest, before bending to make him moan by nibbling at one ear. He slid down Nikola’s body, trailing kisses along the side of his head, throat, collarbone. One hand gripped Nikola’s rear, and Justin curled his hips between his lover’s legs, pressing the tip of his erection teasingly against Nikola’s ass. The lithe man pushed back, teasing him in return. Justin squirmed, dipping his head to suckle at Nikola’s neck hard enough to break capillaries, like an animal marking his territory. Mine. Still, he would not have done it except for the delectable sounds Nikola made, whimpering and writhing, erection hard against Justin’s stomach.

Justin kissed his way lower, flicking his tongue over collarbone, pausing to caress that pale chest, mouth cupping one nipple, hand stroking and teasing the opposite one. Nikola dug his fingers through Justin’s hair, pushing the dark head harder against his body. The blond man pulsed his hips, cock stroking against the well-defined muscles of Justin’s abdomen. You’re as desperate for this as I am, aren’t you? Justin continued down, licking the lines of Nikola’s stomach, letting hair trail behind him, nosing along the shadow where thigh met pelvis, pressing kisses into the curly hair beside his erection. Justin’s head was so close his breath was warm against Nikola’s cock, but he didn’t – quite – touch. He moved over it to kiss the other side, while Nikola squirmed, and was moving back again when Nikola seized Justin’s head with both hands and steered his mouth to Nikola’s penis. Smiling, Justin licked his way down the shaft, locking lips along the side as he slid back up to engulf the shaft. Nikola gasped and thrust deeper into Justin’s mouth, hands firm on either side of Justin’s head. “Ahhh Justin,” he whispered.

Justin sucked hard, going as deep as he could from this angle, enjoying the sense of urgency conveyed by Nikola’s insistent hands, the hoarse passion in his voice. After a few moments, he shifted position, keeping his mouth on the cock but moving his legs to kneel beside Nikola’s head so that he could get a better angle to go down on the man. Mouth aligned with neck, he slid deeper now, gag reflex suppressed as Nikola pushed into the back of his throat. Nikola released Justin’s head to stroke his body, fingers caressing Justin’s own erection, fondling at his balls. Justin had to draw his head back to breathe for a few moments, tan fingers gripping Nikola’s erection instead, gliding up and down the saliva-slick length. Justin rubbed his cheek against it then kissed the tip again, sucking. He liked the feel of Nikola’s hands on him but even more than that Justin wanted to hear Nikola cry out in pleasure, to make him lost in passion. Justin licked at a fingertip to moisten it further, then slipped a hand between Nikola’s thighs as Justin’s mouth suckled down Nikola’s cock. The finger probed against Nikola’s anus, sliding around the tight sphincter before slipping inside. Nik whimpered with desire, arching away and then down to push the finger in deeper, his cock seeming to harden further in Justin’s mouth. That’s my boy. You like that, don’t you? As Justin suckled deeper, Nikola stiffened, fighting for control. Long fingers gripped Justin’s shoulders and laced through his black hair, trying to pull the stronger man away. Justin resisted for a few moments, not relenting until Nikola went completely still.

Then Justin let his lover drag him up face-to-face for another hungry kiss. Nikola rolled Justin onto his back, kneeling between his legs. Justin grinned, extending a hand to stroke the fine golden stubble on Nikola’s cheek. Nikola caught the hand to press a kiss against the palm, round blue eyes full of desire. He leaned forward to seize one of the extra pillows and propped it beneath Justin’s hips, then retrieved the oil from the nightstand. Well-lubricated, Nikola slid his shaft between Justin’s nether cheeks, his other hand stroking Justin’s own erection. Justin squirmed to adjust the angle, pressing back against Nikola until the tip of Nikola’s cock penetrated. After so long an absence, it hurt, the pain mixing with fierce desire and an exquisite pleasure unlike any other. Nikola held himself back but Justin wanted him now. Justin grabbed Nikola’s hips and pulled him in deeper, harder, yes, until his lover lost all restraint and thrust with a wild abandon, hand sliding reflexively over the slippery length of Justin’s erection, almost unaware as he cried out in ecstasy. At the pulsing sensation of Nikola climaxing inside him, Justin orgasmed as well, white liquid spurting between Nikola’s fingers and onto Justin’s abdomen. The younger man collapsed atop him a moment later, gasping and spent, arms wrapping around Justin in a loving embrace.