At Last (134/141)

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From long habit, Nikola smoothed Wisteria’s dress and Justin straightened his shirt cuffs before they strode with feigned dignity through the gardens to enter the house through the patio door. As soon as they were inside the deserted manor, the two men exchanged glances and broke into laughter. Justin swept Wisteria into his arms and bolted for the rear stairwell, taking them two at a time as she clung with her arms about his neck and Nikola pursued. “Hey! I said you could share her, not steal her!”

“Right! And you’ve had her all to yourself for months,” Justin called back. “Now it’s my turn.” The door to Wisteria’s suite was closer than his or Nikola’s, so he shouldered it open. He stepped through to the sitting room and pressed his back against the wall to the right of the door. He set Wisteria on her feet and put a finger to his lips, waiting. A moment later, Nikola entered and started across to the bedroom door without looking about him. Justin pounced from behind, seizing Nikola about the legs and throwing him over one shoulder.

“My word,” Wisteria said, watching them. “Is he always like this, my lord?”

Nikola shook his head, laughing as he struggled to shift into a less undignified position. “Only when he’s in a very good mood.”

“Stop squirming,” Justin ordered him, moving to hold him in place with one arm and using his free arm to grab Wisteria and put her over his other shoulder. “There, now I have you both!” Awkwardly, he shoved open the door into the bedroom with his foot. The room’s south-facing windows were shaded by small awnings and the room remained cool despite the warmth of the day.

Justin staggered to the wide, canopied bed – fortunately the curtains on it were tied back – and leaned over to lie them both on it. “Now I can have my – erk!” Wisteria and Nikola interrupted him by grabbing an arm each and pulling him down between them. They divested him of his shirt, Nikola unbuttoning it while Wisteria pulled the ends from his trousers and drew it off. She kissed and caressed the bare skin of his back while Nikola nibbled at his throat and prised apart the buttons of his still-damp trousers. Justin closed his eyes as they worked their magic upon him. They had the entire house to themselves, with no chance that servants would return until tomorrow. They were in a second-floor bedroom overlooking a private forested hillside. No outraged spouse could interrupt, no parents to defend a daughter’s virtue. The vigilant part of Justin’s mind let go of fear and left him to bask in these glorious attentions.

“I have so longed to do this again, you have no idea. Your skin feels divine,” Wisteria said against his back, as she rubbed her cheek against his shoulders, then flicked out her tongue to lick him. “You even taste good, Lord Comfrey.”

The formality of the title penetrated the delicious haze of desire; at some level it bothered him, as if she considered herself a courtesan or prostitute with no right to a more intimate address. He rolled over to face her. “Wisteria.” Justin kissed her briefly. “Call me by my name.” Another kiss. “My given name.”

“Oh.” Her pale brown eyes seemed large in the dim bedroom. “Yes, Justin.”

He kissed her again, longer and deeper now. One arm encircled her back while his other hand pushed up her skirt, fingers running over her stockinged calf and up her exposed thigh. She clung eagerly to him, curling her leg over his to press her hips closer. He groaned against her lips, hand squirming beneath the lower edge of her drawers to cup her derriere. Behind him, Nikola had stripped off his own clothing and pressed his naked chest to Justin’s back, hands tugging Justin’s trousers down. The dark-haired man shifted enough to let Nikola accomplish his desire, kissing Wisteria’s neck and pulling off her drawers. Her pussy was already wet as she curled tight to his side, rubbing against his erection. At the same time, Nikola slipped his own hard cock between Justin’s nether cheeks, reaching across with a hand to caress Wisteria’s cheek, one bare foot stroking over their intertwined legs. The intimate press of flesh was intensely erotic despite, or perhaps because of, the awkward angles that made penetration almost impossible. Justin was intoxicated, part of him urgent to screw now (quickly before I wake, before they come to their senses, before this delusion is dispelled) and part wanting to make it last, to savor each moment (will I ever have this opportunity again?)

“I want to feel you inside me, Justin,” Wisteria said, voice soft, body insistent. “I’ve dreamed about this so long and the reality is so much better, oh, Nikola, is it all right? May I, my lords?”

Speech was beyond Justin: part of him was shocked to hear Wisteria speaking, shocked but aroused by that clear statement of desire. Grinning, Nikola answered for him: “Of course you may, my love.” His longtime lover shifted to roll Justin onto his back, while Wisteria moved to straddle him, dress bunched about her hips. Nikola snuggled against Justin’s side, stroking the curve of her rear as she lowered herself onto Justin’s prick.

Conscious thought impinged on Justin’s pleasure-addled mind, and he locked his hands about her hips to stop her. “W – wait.”

Wisteria stopped at once. “My lord?”

Justin struggled for words. “Your wife – I can’t get your wife pregnant—”

“I don’t mind,” Nikola said, as if he truly did not.

“I do!” Justin growled, although he was close to the point of not-minding-enough to restrain himself from resuming.

“We can do something else.” Wisteria sat back against Justin’s thighs and surprised him again by boldly caressing his cock with her fingers.

“No – I’ve got a preventative in my room – just a moment—” Nikola started to rise, stopped to kiss them, and ordered, “Don’t go anywhere!” before he hurried nude through the door that joined her suite to his.

As he left, Wisteria wrapped her fingers about his erection and worked up and down in slow firm strokes. “Do you like it when I do this?”

Breathing unevenly, Justin managed a nod, reaching to grab her other arm. He pulled her down beside him, fumbling to unbutton her dress.

She cuddled against his side, still stroking him. “I want to please you, my lord. I want to find out all the things you like best and do them with you. I know I ought to be patient but I fear this is too good to be true and I won’t have another chance.” She stopped petting him to let him pull her dress over her head. Then Justin rolled her onto her back to kiss her breathless, unhooking the front closures of her underbodice, pushing it open to touch her breasts again, small and soft and as delicious against his fingers as he remembered. He bent to kiss one, slid a hand between her thighs – she was very slippery – and tried to remember how one went about pleasuring a woman. She arched into his hand as he slipped one finger inside her. “Oh, that’s nice, my – Justin,” she murmured, curling her fingers through his hair to hold his head to her chest. “Would you use another finger inside – oh yes, like that—” she pushed against his hand, clutching him closer. “And put your thumb higher – here—” she guided his fingers with her own hand “—oh my yes, oh Justin…”

No one had ever tried to give him directions on lovemaking before. Justin found it unsettling, even insulting, as if suggesting he didn’t know what he was doing. Although he had to grant that he arguably didn’t; most of his experiences with women had been prostitutes who had no expectation of pleasure and little interest in receiving the kind of attention that might result in it. Yet the results of utilizing Wisteria’s instruction were charming: the murmur of pleased words, the very appealing writhing of her body under his touch. He was so intent upon her that it was a few moments before he realized that Nikola had returned and perched at the edge of the bed, watching them. Justin paused when he noticed, and Wisteria opened her eyes. “No need to stop on my account,” Nikola said, with a mischievous smile. “I think I can appreciate what my wife finds appealing about watching.”

“Get over here,” Justin mock-snarled to cover his embarrassment, and shifted just enough to seize Nikola’s arm and drag him down beside them.

“Why, Justin, are you blushing?” Nikola asked, his grin widening. “Surely you’re not shy…?”

“Shut up or I’ll give you what’s coming to you, and then you’ll have to face your wife’s wrath for displacing her,” Justin growled, snatching the prophylactic from Nikola’s hand and putting it on.

“Ooh, I don’t mind waiting if I get to see that,” Wisteria offered.   

Justin fell onto his back against the bed. “You are both terrible perverts,” he announced. “This must be what drew me to you. If only I’d realized months – ahhhhh—” his words were interrupted by Wisteria stroking his cock through the thin sheath of sheep intestine.

“How curious. Can you still feel through it?” Wisteria bent unselfconsciously to kiss the tip, then engulfed it and suckled as Justin gasped and thrust into her mouth. She drew back after a few moments to say, “It doesn’t taste as good as Justin’s skin.”

Justin growled again, grabbing her by the hips and pulling to position her on top of him; he was in the habit of taking a first-time lover from the lower position, so that the other could set the rhythm. It did not occur to him until she was sliding against his erection that this would be less important with a woman, and by then he had better things to think about. Like how wonderful she felt as he entered her. Her fingers clenched against his shoulders as she eased herself down, rocking against him and sending waves of pleasure radiating through his body. She fell forward to kiss him, and he wrapped his arms about her. As he ran his hands down her back, he felt Nikola’s hand brush his. Justin laced his fingers together with his friend’s. He was dimly aware that Nikola had positioned himself directly behind Wisteria, knees to either side of Justin’s legs. What is he doing…surely he wouldn’t be… The thought was impossible to focus upon when there was so much else commanding his attention. Wisteria shifted against him to angle her rear higher and tilt her head back. Justin nipped at her exposed throat, suckling hard. “Oh yes, my lord,” she said, arms curled about his head and shoulders, “please…”

Then he could feel her tightening around his cock, could feel Nikola through the thin vaginal wall as her husband penetrated her ass. He did not have time to be shocked, the sensations so overwhelming in intensity that every conscious thought disappeared in the moment of uncontrollable climax, pure ecstasy blinding his mind. He roared involuntarily, an animal noise that mixed with Nikola’s own cry, with the shuddering of Wisteria’s frame as she collapsed panting against him.

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